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As a counter level, these will not be contact controls in my Cayenne, they’re nonetheless buttons, just below a totally easy glass. Nonetheless bodily choices for local weather and quantity, however this isn’t any totally different than having to entry a contact display screen.

I encourage to vary. We even have a 2022 Cayenne, and making particular modifications to the HVAC capabilities like temperature, fan velocity, degree of seat air flow or heating, steering wheel heating, and even therapeutic massage could be finished with bodily buttons as rapidly as I can get my hand to the right button by muscle reminiscence with out taking my eyes off the highway.

In my iX, if I wish to set my driver’s facet heating to degree 3 or 4 with out turning on the passenger’s facet, set steering wheel to 2, and set driver’s seat+radiant warmth to three, I’ve to take my eyes off the highway, push that silly local weather part of the contact display screen, wait 3 seconds (308 ft traveled at 70 mph), then do a gorilla arm press of the part of the display screen that now turns into the HAVC management. If I exploit the spinning wheel of distress to scroll by way of capabilities, it takes even longer with my eyes STILL on the touchscreen, since I’ve to see the place the cursor lands. The voice command takes even longer to work, interrupts what I am listening to, works solely sometimes, typically does one thing aside from what I requested it to do, and is way more distracting and time-consuming than simply biting the bullet with the fu&%ing touchscreen.

I like the automotive, however it’s regardless of absolutely the trash UI.

To the engineers who I hope learn this discussion board: you possibly can STILL make a clear, modern-looking automotive whereas having some very nicely thought-out, multifunctional HVAC buttons. You possibly can put the steering wheel heater button on the wheel itself and conceal it, like within the Cayenne. You possibly can have an out-of-the method array of seat management buttons on the facet by the doorways and hooked up to the seat themselves (additionally just like the Cayenne). You possibly can have a really tidy inside AND have just a few buttons!


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