Housekeeping: Martin Luther King Day


Hey there B and B. Just checking in here to let you know we are off on Monday to celebrate/recognize Martin Luther King Day.

We’ll be back Tuesday with the usual shenanigans. In the meantime, take ‘er easy.

Also, while you’re here, allow me to write a note on car reviews — yes, we are half a month into 2023 (almost) but you will still see some 2022s reviewed over the next month or two. In some cases, I drove the car a while ago and took my time getting around to the write-up — mea culpa. Reviews are time-consuming (even when the word count is low) and I often get pulled away to work on more pressing things.

That said, some of the cars I drove recently, as recently as last week, are 2022s. This is in part because the craziness of the industry meant that 2022 MY cars have been hanging around in the press fleet for a while — and in part, because sometimes OEMs leave cars from the previous MY in the fleet for a while if there are few or no changes for the next model year.

I mention this to forestall any whining in the comments about reviewing a 2022 in 2023. 2022s are still on dealer lots in some cases, anyway. Just bear with us, we’ll soon be all 2023 all the time.

Thanks for reading and see you Tuesday.

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